Gallardo Still Struggling Against the Cards

Baseball stats don’t lie. A poor ERA usually means a pitcher has lacked consistency or control of his pitches. But how do you explain the phenomenon of a pitcher who is selectively struggling against just one team?

You can’t argue that Gallardo is not still the Brewers ace, yet his numbers against St. Louis, both home and away, show otherwise. Yo sits at a 6.08 ERA after five games. Nothing spectacular. But if you remove his two starts against the Cards, he rocks an impressive 1.71 in 21 innings pitched. I’m definitely not a math genius, but it’s pretty easy to see that a 22.24 ERA against St. Louis (36.00 against them at Busch) is a serious casualty to his season average. This is not shocking to Brewers fans who have become accustomed to Gallardo struggles against the Cards. Last year he went 1-4 with a 5.70 ERA against them.

So what IS Gallardo’s issue pitching against arguably the Crew’s biggest rival?

To find out the answer and to read my full post, please visit: Pocket


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